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EightyOneBC is a unique Behaviour Change consultancy combining data, insight and creative to apply strategic change solutions to shift the needle on some of Aotearoa’s biggest challenges. Change is complex and it is hard and it is worth doing well.

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Our Ideology

For us all to survive and prosper we need change. How we behave and how we are supported to behave today, needs to look very different into the future. Whether it’s what we consume, how we move, how we relate, what we buy, what we keep, what we value or how we share. Positive change levels the playing field, closes equity gaps and gets us through the critical challenges we face as families, communities and custodians of planet earth.

However, change is an art and a science. It is both a process and an outcome. It is enabled via policies, systems and leadership but is enacted by the individual.

Our Mission

Our job is to support the development of new change initiatives or pivot existing ones by establishing a strong strategic foundation and identifying the optimum pathway to change. We synthesise existing research, work with experts to map change pathways and deliver strategic clarity anchored in data and inspired by the most creative thinkers in the country.

We think deeply but act fast. We ensure that while evidence and expert and system perspectives are included, we place the human with all their emotions, aspirations, and complexity at the core of our change approach.

Our People

We are experts in change strategy, stakeholder engagement, communication, co-design, insights and research, data analysis and creativity. EightyOneBC supports leadership teams and programme designers across the behaviour change process from defining the change problem, to mapping the change pathway through to designing interventions that work, while ensuring system change and partner capability requirements are part of the solution.

Our Community

Aotearoa is blessed with a community of committed change agents working tirelessly to improve the lives of people across all walks of life. EightyOneBC is excited to be part of this community and is committed to supporting change leaders by bringing together a unique set of expertise, talents and capabilities together into one unique team.

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“Change is an art and a science. It is both a process and an outcome. It is enabled via policies, systems and leadership but is enacted by the individual.”


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