EnergyMate Winter Tips


The Energy Retailers Association of New Zealand know that winter bills can be hard for many Kiwi families. Our job was to help whānau by bringing to life a list of easy ways to use less power, but still stay cosy.

campaign outcomes


media impressions

28,000 CLICKS

@ a rate of 2.81% (tripling the facebook benchmark)


video views at a cost of under $1,50 per view

Friendly faces for a serious issue.

The EnergyMate scheme run by ERANZ is staffed by community workers who care deeply about helping Kiwis in need. We needed a way to capture their unique personalities in video - while respecting a timeline and budget that didn’t allow for traditional film production methods.

Photos of the team were enhanced with AI.

Using an AI image process, detailed 3D caricatures of our heroes and locations were generated in the style of claymation films. These were then animated in 2D, and combined with interview-style recordings of their actual voices, capturing their authentic charm.

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Lots more cosy Kiwis.

The end result was a feel-good campaign that gently broached a sensitive topic, highlighted the good that EnergyMate is doing and helped guide thousands of Kiwis to lower bills this winter. And best of all, it worked. Our priority audiences of older people and those connected to Māori and Pasifika communities responded strongly - tripling the Facebook benchmark for clicks.

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