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EightyOneM is a full-service media agency that gives context to brands. We marry insights generated from numerous data sources, including DOT loves data, with the ideas and design of EightyOne; Wellington’s largest independent creative agency.

In short – we add power to beautiful creative.

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Our offering
  • Media strategy
  • Research & profiling
  • Channel planning & placement
  • Performance reporting
  • Advertising media training & audits
  • Media trends analysis
  • Media landscape presentation
  • Workshops & facilitation
  • EightyOne Media offers services that are registered with the MBIE Management Capability Development Fund

Times are changing.

Marketing has become so complicated. So many more channels, so many new considerations like sustainability, brand safety and media quality. Even the once stable concept of media measurement is undergoing transformative change.

So what’s the right approach for your media mix?

We don’t know.

Actually, nobody does. One thing we know for sure is that it won’t be the same as what works for others.

EightyOne Media is in the business of discovery. Understanding audiences and how they use media channels is our thing, and forming, testing and learning from hypotheses is how we like to work. We love being wrong, because that gives us better learnings. That’s more interesting.

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You might call us media scientists.

In all we do, we try to deliver two types of value:

Developing communication plans that meet your business objectives;

Learning which channels and tactics work, and which ones don’t. We’ve learned that these both come from spending as much time as possible working together with you, understanding your business, your audience and your market.

We are fully accredited, and buy media well. But we are equally happy collaborating with others to do that. By staying agnostic, you can be sure that we will recommend things your business needs, not things we need to sell.

If you’re interested, get in touch and let’s learn what works for your business.

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Grant Maxwell is the founder and Director of EightyOneM. After starting his career client-side in both the public and private sectors, he has since spent almost a quarter of a century working with agencies, helping brands grow.

"Working with EightyOne Media has been a breath of fresh air.  Their experience and understanding of our sector is helping us to make significant steps forward in our recruitment approach and thinking.”


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