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Smash your tax


To encourage tradies, who traditionally have low engagement with Inland Revenue, to do their tax we needed to take the fear out of tax time.

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The Tax Toolbox

We started by consolidating Inland Revenue’s key info and resources for the construction industry in one place a landing page. Called the Tax Toolbox, it makes daunting topics easier to access and navigate.

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Smash your tax

To demonstrate how these tax resources could save-time and reduce stress, we destroyed the ultimate symbol of the tax worry – calculators.

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The result was a campaign that motivated tradies to do something about their tax. The campaign went live across online, social, radio and in-store activations, and the executions were so well-liked that partners including radio stations and retail stores proactively asked us for more material to run.

“EightyOne developed an innovative campaign concept that spoke directly to our tradie audience, using typical tradie language and worksite tools to engage the audience. The concept tied in perfectly with our landing page solution – the tax toolbox"

Kendl, Campaign Manager, Inland Revenue

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