Women’s Refuge

Gift a Safe Night


Every night in New Zealand, over 200 women and children are too afraid to stay at home because of family violence. Here’s how we developed a radical new approach to fundraising to help raise $5.87 million in a single year.

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A new way of giving

With family violence increasing, we needed to convince more people to reach into their wallets for Women’s Refuge. We were also competing with other charities for limited donor dollars.

Our solution was simple, but transformative. Instead of simply asking New Zealanders to give money, we now ask them to ‘Gift a Safe Night’ by booking a room on behalf of women in need. This change has re-framed Women’s Refuge in the eyes of the public – from victim support to an accommodation provider helping people escape to safety.

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To promote the Gift a Safe Night campaign, we recruited Kiwi actress Miranda Harcourt. And our bespoke digital platform made booking an escape as easy as booking any other getaway.

New Zealanders now know exactly how their money is being used. Every $20 donated provides a room for one night for a woman and her children.

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