Supporting Local Businesses


COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown changed all our lives, almost overnight. Small local businesses were hit particularly hard, their livelihoods taken away. While the Government provided financial support, two months of strict lockdown meant Wellington residents were wary and slow to return to in-person shopping.

WellingtonNZ asked us to come up with a simple and effective way to encourage residents to support these Wellington stores before it was too late.

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We Welcome You

A simple sticker with a powerful message. A reminder that we were all in this together. These stickers quickly spread and are now ubiquitous throughout Wellington, reminding people of the importance of local businesses to our community.

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Video and outdoor executions supported the initiative by highlighting a variety of local restaurants, bars, and retail stores.  

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"EightyOne absolutely struck that hard-to-achieve balance of getting the local message out there, in a way that’s positive and feels very Wellington."

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