Embrace The Unknown


Traditional sampling campaigns might work for washing powder, or muesli bars… but not a stimulating new coffee range.

For L’affare’s Amp'd Fruit and Sweet Velvet launch we knew we had to match the ingenuity of the roasters with our execution. L’affare needed an event that the people who were lucky enough to be there would never forget.

We gave them a cryptically unbranded campaign for a journey into the unknown.

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Daring participants were plunged into a mind-expanding experience.

After their trip into two distinct worlds, we revealed the matching coffee variants. The guests, made up of Wellington's most discerning creatives and influencers, were then invited to taste what they had just experienced.

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We brought WTF into the FMCG world and ensured Amp’d Fruit and Sweet Velvet stood out on the shelves and in the minds of our consumers.

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